Posted on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

3 Great Reasons Why Late Summer and Early Fall are Ideal Times to Adopt

Late Summer Early Fall

The phrase “dog days of summer” takes its origin from the star Sirius, part of that vaguely dog-shaped set of stars known as Canis Major, which supposedly follows Orion the Hunter about the astral plain. During the hottest months of the year – July and August – Sirius sits precariously close to the sun, earning these overheated days and nights their iconic name. But the summer is a tough time for a dogs health with their shaggy coats, which is probably why the term doesn’t bring to mind constellations so much as a pooch sprawled over cool kitchen tiles or trying to catch a breeze in the shade of a tree. So, if you’re not leaping at the opportunity to bring home a furry friend during these months, keep in mind that the ideal season for adopting a new pet is just around the corner.

There’s no greater time for bringing a new dog into your life than the final days of summer and the early days of fall. Are you curious as to why? Consider these three great reasons.

1. The weather.

Autumn is the best time of year for a walk. The air is crisp, the weather mild and even the sound of leaves underfoot has a satisfying crunch. And, just as autumn is ideal for walking, dogs are ideal walking partners.

2. Company.

As kids head off to school and college students leave their parents to become empty nesters for the first time or once again, sometimes the best company is of the canine kind. Loyal, attentive and lacking teenage mood swings, dogs are fantastic friends to have on quiet nights and lazy weekends.

3. There’s no wrong time to rescue a dog.

Whatever the season or time of year, there’s always a dog looking for a loving parent. Inviting a dog into your home means that you each gain a new best friend. Of course, teachers or other people with careers that give them summer vacations might want to take that time to train a young puppy. But when the best walking weather and the ideal temperatures for a cuddly couch companion come around, it’s hard to say no to taking in a pet.

This content is provided by the pet wellness experts at Hartz. We know that adopting a dog or cat is a huge commitment, so we’re here to help you feel confident and become the best pet parent you can be.