Posted on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

4 Human Treats You Can Share With Your Cat

human foods for cats

Contrary to what almost any cat cartoon in the history of the world would have you believe, a dish of milk is not the best meal for a cat. While full of calcium and other good stuff, milk is sure to bother most lactose intolerant cats’ digestive systems. Chances are you’ll have a mess on your hands. Small portions of dairy, like cheese, are occasionally alright for your pet, but try and stick to the cat treats for now. If you really want to share some human food with your cat – and who doesn’t adore the loving feline attention that sharing brings? – consider one of these four tasty options. They’re delicious, vet-tested and cat approved.

1. Tuna. This classic cat stereotype turns out to be accurate! If you’re opening a tin of tuna, don’t hesitate to share a little with your cat. Just don’t go overboard, especially if the tuna comes packed in olive oil or anything else particularly fatty. A bite or two is a great treat, though.

2. Broccoli. You’ve probably noticed that your cat isn’t adverse to chewing on your houseplants. Give your potted greens a break and offer your pet some other green treats to enjoy! Broccoli is a particular favorite, nominated by both PawNation and Animal Planet as a tasty option. Spinach is also delicious and sure to win over your pet! They’re both excellent sources of fiber for your pet as well.

3. Eggs. Everyone knows that eggs are a fantastic source of protein for people, so if you want to give your active cat a helpful dose, just scramble up some eggs. While you might like mixing in cheese or milk with yours, keep your pet’s simple. At most, add a little spinach. Animal Planet also noted that sometimes cats will have adverse allergic reactions to eggs, so feed your cat a small sample first and check out how he or she handles it.

4. Bananas. Lots of dogs will go nuts for a bite of banana, but it’s hard to imagine cats getting excited about this fruit. But PawNation reported that bananas are a safe and tasty treat for cats, especially when frozen! Try this snack during the summer, along with some melon. According to the source, cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon are fine in small quantities with the seeds removed.

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