Posted on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

4 Must-Have Dog Toys and Treats for the Summer

must have toys and treats for summer

Summer is one of the best seasons you and your dog will spend together. Hours outdoors playing games, fun trips and vacations, exciting cookouts packed with guests and visitors – these all make summer great. So make sure you and your pet don’t go without these four dog toy and treat essentials.

 1. Balls. While tennis balls will always be the go-to for dog owners, those aren’t the only option. Tennis balls tend to be popular because they’ve got great bounce, are an easy-to-spot bright green and provide dogs the perfect level of chewy resistance, but numerous other brands and styles of dog balls exist. And you may just want to invest in a ball launcher, too, if your throwing arm isn’t up for the long distances some dogs like to run. These handy tools act as extensions of the arm and truly toss the ball high and far – a must for big dogs with long strides!

2. Pupsicles. Ever thought your dog could really use a break from the heat and wished you had a popsicle to give him or her? While you might have trouble picking up dog-friendly pops at the local grocery store, with an ice cube tray and some chicken or vegetable broth, you can make your own savory treats. Simply mix two-thirds broth with one-third water and freeze! You can even put a popsicle stick at the end of each cube, so you can hold it for your dog to lick. Prefer to go with a non-savory option – something fruity, perhaps? Animal Planet has a great list of 10 fruits and veggies that dogs can enjoy. Mix a few of these together in the blender and then add water before freezing them for a vitamin-packed popsicle.

3. Dental chews. You wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth for the summer, would you? Make sure your pet is stocked up on Hartz dental chews, especially if you and your pet are going for a long car ride or heading out on vacation. Chews give dogs something to do, especially when they’re nervous or adapting to a new environment. The dental benefits are a great perk!

4. Flea and tick control. While it’s not exactly a toy or a treat, a flea and tick collar could make all the difference for your and your dog’s health during the summer. This season is when bugs are at their worst, and this product could provide the extra line of defense you and your pet need. Check out other pest control options as well, like special ear mite treatment or special flea and tick shampoo for all those outdoor dog baths. This content post is provided by the pet experts at Hartz.