Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2013

A Man and his Dog Reunite after a Decade Apart


“I have the longest ears and the biggest heart of any dog you will ever meet!” read the description of a pet up for adoption on the website for an animal shelter in Nashua, N.H. “I am an older girl, but I still have a lot of spunk left.” The description wasn’t accompanied by a photo, but reading this brief doggy bio, Jamie Carpentier was reminded of a dog he’d once owned and hadn’t seen in 10 years. Unexpectedly, this very same 13-year-old Basset Hound named Ginger was that very dog.

According to local news station WMUR, Carpentier’s ex-wife had given up Ginger to the local animal shelter in 2003, shortly after their separation. While an older couple adopted the adorable Basset Hound and kept her for the majority of the intervening years, they had to return Ginger in October after caring for the dog became difficult. So the long-eared dog’s info went back up on the site – where Carpentier happened across it. “Just the paws, that’s the thing I remembered about her,” he told the source. “She had these ‘ginormous’ paws.”

bassethound paw


Soon Carpentier was on the phone with the shelter, having sent them a photo of his old pet. Comparing the dog’s spots and distinctive markings, the staff soon realized the miraculous story they had on their hands. Carpentier arrived at the pet shelter, and although Ginger had gone a little white over the past decade, he had no trouble recognizing his old friend. But most of the staff wondered whether Ginger would remember Carpentier. Ginger began by sniffing at Carpentier, much like any dog would. But soon, after petting her for a while, Ginger’s former owner bent down his face and the Basset Hound responded affectionately with plenty of dog kisses. “That was the moment we saw that she recognized him,” Noelle Schuyler, outreach coordinator at the shelter, told ABC News. Apparently, Ginger hadn’t once done this with anyone before.

Ginger will be living out her golden years with Carpentier now, providing a truly happy ending after 10 years of absence. And while there’s no joy quite like adopting a dog, it’s possible that bringing home a long-lost best friend is even better. This content post is provided by the pet experts at Hartz.