About Hartz

about-hartzAt Hartz, we’re only in one business, pet care, and we couldn’t imagine a better one. We’re pet people in every way. If you visited our offices you’d see many of us bring our pets to work. You’d also find veterinarians, pet nutritionists, entomologists, reptologists, experts in pet play, and all sorts of incredible specialists working together. From our Hartz flea drops to our innovative DuraplayTM line of toys, we’re all constantly researching new ways to help pets live happier, healthier lives – and to connect them with the families who love them.

Our passion for pets all began in 1926, when Max and Gustav Stern came to America with 5,000 singing canaries. The canaries, called the Harz Roller, came from the Upper Harz Mountain region (somebody along the way added a “t”). Eventually they started selling food for the birds as well.

As time went on, Hartz, added food for hamsters and tropical fish to the line, and actually became the first company to create pet supply departments in supermarkets. Today, we take careful care of your pet with everything from Hartz flea and tick products to protect them, biscuits to reward them, and toys to entertain them.

To learn more, visit us at hartz.com.