Posted on Monday, January 9th, 2012

Angry Birds Photo Contest Winners!

Linda Maldonado

We’re happy to present the 14 winners of this year’s Hartz Angry Birds Pet Toys Contest. The winners will receive an Angry Birds themed prize pack from Hartz. As you can see, all of these awesome pets had the time of their life with our Angry Birds toys!

If you missed out on this year’s contest, we’d still love to see a photo of your pet playing with our Angry Birds toys. Visit our Facebook page today and show us just how much your pet LOVES Hartz!

Grand Prize Winning Dogs:


Puppy power! Take that Angry Bird!

-Linda Maldondo





Rebecca Santana

Dear Santa, This is egg-xactly what I wanted for Christmas!!! Sincerely, Cupcake

-Rebecca Santana





Grand Prize Winning Cats:

Rich CruseTibs the cat enjoys his Angry Birds toy on Christmas morning.

-Rich Cruse





matt blackYou mean they are Real! Not just on the Puter!

-Matt Black





Runner-up Winners:

Librado MaldonadoJust what I wanted, my own Angry Birds!

-Librado Maldonado






Lucy MckeeverDear Santa, Here is our Christmas List. 1. Angry Birds 2. Angry Birds 3. Angry Birds

-Lucy Mckeever





Joanna SmithThis is Putunia- she doesn’t want to let go of her angry birds toy!!

-Joanna Smith





Janet Voyles Thacker“Does this toy make my butt look big?” – Demi playing with her new favorite toy (:

-Janet Voyles Thacker





Heather GablerSadie paws the mud with the angry bird and loven it.

-Heather Gabler






Colleen SzlamkaSo many to Angry Birds to choose from. Who should I play with next?

-Colleen Szlamka





Irene VelazquezMopsi is very happy with his new toy, and he loves to play with this one, and also he loves to sleep with it 🙂

-Irene Velazquez





Valerie Beauclaire BesseLittle Ann says, “Don’t even think about taking my Angry Bird toy from Santa!”

-Valerie Besse





Sharon GilbertSchooner and Skipper love all of their Angry Bird Toys. They also love playing with the same toy. The Two Headed Angry Bird is their favorite to play tug the heads.

-Sharon Gilbert





Mariana PerezOur Chorkie, Chiquito, loves his Angry Birds Two Heads toy!

-Mariana Perez