Posted on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day with your Pet

Earth Day Pet

Today is Earth day and celebrating it with your best friend is a great way to honor your relationship and Mother Earth. We’ve compiled some ways to share Earth Day with your furry friends.

Going green with your dog

  • Attend a dog-friendly Earth Day event. There are many dog-friendly earth day events that will allow you to enjoy your community with your furry best friend. Check out a list of events in your community and find one that includes dog friends.
  • Clean up your favorite dog park. Gather all of your two-legged friends and organize a group cleanup of your favorite dog park. Let your four-legged friends run around and enjoy their clean new park.
  • Take a hike with your pup. Enjoy a day out in nature with your best friend. Find a dog friendly hiking trail and show your furry friend the great outdoors. Make a picnic and enjoy Mother Nature the way she was intended.

Going Green with your cat

Going green with your pocket pets

Even the tiniest pets can help make a difference on Earth day.

  • Compost your rabbit’s droppings. Rabbit manure is even higher in nitrogen than some poultry manures and it also contains a large amount of phosphorus–important for flower and fruit formation.
  • Use green products to clean your hamster’s cage. Many household cleaners contain ingredients that are toxic to pets, according to the ASPCA. Using natural, green products is not only good for the environment, but also for your pet’s health since these products contain nontoxic ingredients that are safe to use around pets, when used according to the directions.

These green tips for your pet are perfect for Earth Day—or any day! Try out a few items; then make a list of others you plan to try later. How are you celebrating Earth Day with your pets?