Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013

Dawg Grog is all the Rage for Dogs in Search of a Tasty Drink

Dog Beer

As with any artisanal industry, you’ll find a lot of overlap between the people who love dogs and the people who love to brew beer. There’s something about a devotion to craft and plain old canine devotion that just draws these groups together. Of course, in the case of Daniel Keeton, it helps that good beer also happens to be his job.

Keeton is a native of Bend, Oregon, where he spends his days and evenings serving up craft beer to visitors to the Boneyard Brewery’s tasting room, reports local news source KTVZ.com. In his free time, Keeton has a new pursuit, largely inspired by his beloved dog, Lola Jane. Hoping to provide his pet with a tasty drink of her own, Keeton mixed up a batch of what he now calls Dawg Grog – a completely non-alcoholic but entirely organic mix of low-sodium veggie broth, water, a little spent grain from his job at the brewery and glucosamine. Lola Jane loved it so much, Keeton decided to trust his dog’s excellent taste and go entrepreneurial. Now, delicious 16-ounce bottles of the dog-friendly drink are lining up on the shelves of local stores.

“Initially, people have to look at the label twice,” Keeton told the source. “Then they ask us, ‘Is this really for dogs?'”

Keeton isn’t the only one brewing with man’s best friend in mind. In fact, the Northwestern United States seems to be a popular place for brewery craftsmen to try their hands at pet-friendly drinks. ABC News reported this past summer on a drink for dogs called Bowser Beer, created by Seattle native Jenny Brown. Of course, this brew also goes with a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated, hop-free recipe, but with plenty of meat broth and malted barley, you can bet it’s tasty. And just like Dawg Grog, there’s a dash of glucosamine for canine joint health.

One of Bowser Beer’s biggest perks? When you go to the company website to order, you get to personalize the label with your dog’s adorable face and a custom batch name. Brown says her favorite may just be “I Only Have Eyes for Brew,” which was a batch dedicated to guide dogs for the blind. That’s about as awww-worthy as any doggy pun can get.

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