Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Dog of the Week- Dutch Boy: lover of treats, leashes and jumping


Every week we will feature a special pet that we find on the internet from our fans. If you would like your pet to be featured please email us. We would love to share your animal with the world!

This week’s special pup is Dutch Boy the dog of one our blog contributors, Alex. Dutch is predominantly a Miniature Pinscher, but could have some other breeds in the mix as well. He was adopted at the King County Animal Shelter in Bellevue, WA with no history so he doesn’t know his lineage or real age!

Dutch’s favorite feature are his ears. They help him to hear things that are far away and allow him to fully express his feelings. Upright he is alert! Down he is happy. His favorite activities include walking, observing the street, and cuddling. He loves being around his owner and never likes to be too far away from him. Whenever he sees his leash he get super excited because he knows it time for a walk or a car ride.

As a dog he doesn’t really like toys, but he loves to chew! He likes any of the Hartz’ rawhide bones, but especially loves the Crunch n’ Clean Biscuits. He goes crazy for them!

Overall, Dutch is a happy pup now that he has found his forever home. He still gets scared about being abandoned, but his new owner cannot imagine living life without him. They are two peas in a pod!