Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Dogs of Week: Kingston and Layla-Brother and Sister

kings and layla

Kingston and Layla are brother and sister rescued by one of our blog contributors, Tara, and her friend Lauren. Tara asked Lauren to go with her for support when adopting three month-old Kingston from Under Dawgz Rescue in Lacey, Washington and she ended up going home with a pup of her own!

These two are said to be Labrador and American Bulldog mixes and are now 1 ½ years old. As you can see their appearance differs but you can tell they are siblings. Layla is definitely the girl with her sweet face and black eyeliner. She has more of the bulldog build and lab ears whereas Kingston has a taller lab build and pink bulldog nose. Kingston has more of the lab coat and brindle fur and Layla has the shorter bulldog coat.

Both Layla and Kingston are constantly on the lookout for squirrels either at home in the backyard or on a walk. While Kingston loves to cuddle and is a little timid, Layla is more independent. Kingston’s favorite snack is carrots and he also loves the Hartz Rawhide Chews. Layla on the other hand loves the Dura Play Toys because she likes to play fetch and also swim.

Being puppy parents to siblings is a bonus because the dogs get so excited to see each other, which they do every week. The bond between sibling dogs is unique and these dogs are fortunate that they got to stick together. Tara and Lauren couldn’t be happier to have found such wonderful rescue dogs and to be able to share the experience together.