Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Golden Collar Awards Round-Up

Last week was the beginning of what we hope is a long-lasting tradition. The Dog News Daily’s First Annual Golden Collar Awards were held on February 13th 2012. The ceremony was held in honor of the many beloved canine thespians from movies, television, and the internet. According to the Hollywood Reporter, they had never seen so many smiles on humans and dogs alike in their 15 years of covering awards!

Each nominee was given their own personal space so they could walk the carpet with their co-stars or trainer. Some were asked about fashion as they sported fancy collars and accessories. Lisa Vanderpump from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reportedly personally decorated her Pomeranian Giggy’s formal sweater. Uggie, the Jack Russell from the award winning movie The Artist, wore a ruffle style tuxedo for his walk down the carpet. We recently learned he is retiring from feature films and will focus on performing in commercials and videos.

The ceremony began with an amazing video montage that showcased how much dogs have contributed to entertainment over the years. We were then shown the actual award the winners would be receiving – a gorgeous gold and Swarovski crystal collar on a paw-shaped Plexiglas holder!

The categories up for awards included: Best Dog in a Theatrical Film, Best Dog in a Foreign Film, Best Dog in a Television Series, Best Dog in a Reality Television Series, and Best Dog In a Direct-to-DVD-Film. Each category had a different presenter, including Babe star James Cromwell, that has a soft spot in their hearts for dogs.

The top prize went out to Uggie from The Artist for Best in Theatrical Film. Bridgitte who plays Stella on Modern Family, won for Best in a Television Series and Rowdy from Marley & Me: The Puppy Years for Best in a Direct-to-DVD Film. Real Housewives’ Giggy and Pit Boss’ Hercules tied for Best in a Reality Television Series.

One special award, called the “Legends” award, was also presented. It is awarded to a producer or director who has given starring roles to dogs or helped create many dog themed films. This first annual Legends award was given to Robert Vince, the writer/director of the Buddies films with his most recent being Spooky Buddies and Treasure Buddies.

We were also pleased to watch a short video submitted by Martin Scorsese, director of last year’s film Hugo, where he thanked everyone for allowing the Doberman Pinscher named Blackie on the ballot. Controversy initially surrounded Blackie’s nomination because of rumors of using CGI for many of his scenes in the film. However, the movie’s special effects creator has claimed that “not one shot was CGI’d.”

Here is a full list of nominees, categories, and winners for the first annual Golden Collar Awards!

as Arthur – Beginners (Focus Features)
Uggie as Queenie  – Water for Elephants (Fox)
Denver as Skeletor – 50/50 (Summit Entertainment/ Mandate Pictures)
Hummer as Dolce – Young Adult (Paramount/Mandate)
Uggie as Jack – The Artist (The Weinstein Company)
Blackie as the law-enforcing Dobby in Hugo.

Koko as Red Dog – Red Dog (Roadshow Films, Australia)

Laika as Herself – Le Harve (Janus Films, France)
Biina as Alf – The Day The Dogs Disappeared (Nippon Television, Japan)
Ichico as Tao – The Day The Dogs Disappeared (Nippon Television, Japan)

as Arnold – Entourage (HBO)
Chunk as himself – Chelsea Lately (E! Entertainment Television)
Bridgitte as Stella – Modern Family (ABC)
Dart as Chance – Hot in Cleveland (TV Land)
Jason Gann as Wilfred – Wilfred (FX)
Lambchop as Yakult – Suburbatory (ABC)

Giggy – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Lisa Vanderpump (Bravo)

Millou – The Real Housewives of New York City / Sonja Morgan (Bravo)
Jack Pot – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Adrienne Maloof (Bravo)
Spartacus – Ice Loves Coco / Coco (E! Entertainment)
Hercules – Pit Boss / Shorty Rossi (Animal Planet)

as B Dawg – Spooky Buddies (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment)
Gaston as Beethoven – Beethoven’s Christmas Advenure (Universal Home Entertainment)
Angel as Chloe – Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment)
Rowdy as Marley – Marley & Me: The Puppy Years (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)
Rusco as Papi – Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment)

Are you happy with the results? Who would you have liked to see come out top-dog this year? Who was left out and who do you think they should keep an eye on for next year?