Posted on Monday, September 19th, 2011

Happy Cat Month!

lessons in stalking

September is a very special month. Want to guess why? It is ‘Happy Cat Month!’ To help celebrate, we have outlined a few options below that will help you keep you and your cat very happy!

(Note: It is always important to keep your cat happy, as they rule most houses, but we are just helping to bring awareness to the cause during this special month.)


If your cat is extra frisky or just likes the occasional chase, a new toy is a perfect way to brighten up his day. For a cat that is always out on the hunt, a toy like the Just For Cats™ Running Rodent™ offers him the chance to pounce on fuzzy prey that actually moves across the floor. If you wish to interact more with your cat, the Hartz®Gone Fishin’® with Catnip toy allows you and your cat to play together all while enjoying each other’s company! Plus, with a special pouch for catnip, the toy is sure to attract the attention of your feline friend J


A satisfied cat is surely a happy cat! During this month, treat your cat to an extra special prize of Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean® Cat Treats. Your cat will be content with the chicken or salmon flavored treats, and as his owner you can rest assured that at only one calorie, they’re a healthy option that will keep his teeth clean and healthy.


It is true that cats do not like baths very much, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to be pampered! A great way to avoid the water is to use wipes like the Hartz® GROOMER’S BEST®

Anti-Dander Quick Wipes™ for Cats, that help reduce dander while cleaning. Follow the bath with a nice brushing using the Hartz® GROOMER’S BEST® Bristle Brush for Cats that will make him relaxed as he receives the attention he deserves.

Special Giveaway:

Happy Cat Month is not just about keeping your cat happy, but you as well! You work hard all year to provide your cat with the best home possible, and we want to thank you for everything you do. Right now, by visiting our Facebook page and signing up for the Hartz Newsletter, you will receive a free, downloadable version of the book, Lessons in Stalking, which is a hilarious look at what life is like with cats by Dena Harris. It is a must read for every cat owner!


As cat owners yourselves, what do you do to keep your cats happy?  Let us know by leaving a comment!