Posted on Monday, January 9th, 2012

Hartz Angry Birds Pet Toy Reviews

Erin Bassett

Our Angry Birds toys have received some exciting buzz since arriving in stores about three months ago! Now that your pets are able to play along too, we’re receiving some great reviews from people just like you. Take a look below to see what the latest craze in pet toys is all about. Don’t forget, you can find an Angry Birds toy for your pet at a Walmart store near you!

“Thank you very much, Hartz.  I wish I could share some of this stuff with kitties that aren’t as fortunate as me.  I’ll try not to act like a really spoiled pussycat.”

Tibbles the Cat

Erin Bassett

“From the moment we opened the package, our dog was nuts about them.  Especially the Angry Birds Plush Piglet.  And when the sound chip goes off and it makes that well know laughing pig sound she dances around with it and growls at it.  It’s hilarious to watch.”

-Erin Bassett


“Hartz new Angry Bird Toy is making Kitty jump for fun!”

Canadian Coupon Mom


Heidi Heidi







“As a personal fan of the Angry Birds games, I love the idea of making pet toys that are just as fun!  I have been playing these toys with my kitties and dog for a couple days now, and we are still having so much fun with them.  The toys are made with the highest quality that comes from Hartz products and the prices are affordable.  These would make perfect holiday gifts for any pet out there! “




“Karma was immediately enchanted, squeaking it, playing with it, and hardly getting it out of her mouth long enough to be photographed with it by her “mom!”