Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Hartz Pet of the Week: Jenni the Yellow Lab

Hartz Pet of the Week - Jenni

Almost a year after I lost my 13 year old black lab Pepper, my neighbor sent me an email about a yellow lab on a rescue list. I didn’t know if I was ready for another dog, but something about her picture made me consider it. Jenni’s owners had taken her to the vet at age 4 to be put to sleep. They said she was hyperactive and a housewrecker. The vet wouldn’t put her down, he said there was nothing wrong with the dog. Another client of the vet agreed to foster her and help find her a home. My neighbor went with me to meet Jenni. We spent over an hour with her and if she had faults I couldn’t find them. I told my neighbor, if I don’t want this dog, I don’t want a dog. I have had Jenni for almost two years now. She is smart, quick to learn, and a great traveler. The few bad habits she had were quickly remedied. As for the claim she was hyperactive – she keeps me active with regular walks to the lake and area trails. The claim about her being a housewrecker – she now behaves perfectly, she knows she has found her home.

Rescue dogs are often like uncut gems. Rough around the edges and not considered very appealing. With some perspective, a little effort and the right attention, something of value starts to emerge. In the right hands, the light finds its way to the stone and brings out the brilliance within.

Note: Jenni is not blind, she has a bi-color eye common with Catahoulas.