Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Hartz – Pets in the White House


The presidential election may not be until November, but presidential politics are already in full-swing! We’ll spare you our political ranting for something a little bit more enjoyable: First Pets! The First Pets that have made their mark (and marked their territory) on the White House grounds over the years are far from your average cats and dogs.

The White House blog includes a gallery of presidential pets. You can see some of our favorites below and view the full gallery here. You can also find a list of all the presidential pets on this page from Fact Monster (because we unfortunately can’t find a photo of John Quincy Adams with his alligator.)


Macaroni the Pony was a gift to President John F. Kennedy’s daughter Caroline from Vice President Lyndon Johnson. The famous pony freely roamed around the White House and received thousands of fan letters from all across America.





Grace Coolidge is pictured here with Rebecca the Raccoon, who was perhaps one of the Coolidge’s less unusual pets. Twin lion cubs, a duiker and a black bear, along with cats, dogs and birds, also shared the White House during Calvin Coolidge’s presidency, according to calvin-coolidge.org.




HartzKing Tut, President Herbert Hoover’s German Shepard, is thought to have helped the President win the election, according to presidentialpetmuseum.com. “The autographed photo with his dog made him seem warm and friendly and was sent to thousands of voters.”






HartzPresident George W. Bush is spotted with his Scottish Terrier, Barney, in 2001. Barney has starred in nine “films” available on the White House website! He shared the white house with another Scottie named Beazley, who was given to First Lady Laura as a gift in 2005.





HartzThe current First Dog is a Portuguese water dog named Bo, who was a fulfilled campaign promise to the President’s daughters Malia and Sasha Obama. The pooch has called The White House home since April 2009 after he was given as a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife, Victoria. A hypoallergenic breed had to be chosen because of Malia’s allergies.