Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2012

Hero Dogs: Lilly, the Loyal Pit Bull

If you own a dog, you know the true meaning of loyalty. But do you know just how far your canine companion will go for you? One pit bull literally put her life on the line to save her owner. It is a story of heroism and love… and we promise, it has a happy ending!

After her owner, Christine Spain, collapsed on railroad tracks during one of their walks, Lilly, an 8 year old pit bull, pulled Spain to safety and took the impact of the train. Although Lilly made it out alive, she was not unscathed. This heroic pup lost a leg and suffered a broken pelvis along with other various injuries. Proving her courage once again though, Lilly is bouncing back and is on the mend with the love and support of many who have heard her story. Watch the full story below:

Thanks to Life With Dogs for introducing us to this heartfelt story. We hope Lilly’s recovery is a speedy one!

How has your dog shown his/her loyalty?