Posted on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Holiday Perfect Treats for Canine Friends

Holiday Dog Treats

With holidays at hand, you may want to add this item to your gift list: decadent doggie treats for your favorite pooch.

Well-known for their incredible sense of smell, dogs are as tempted as we are by wonderful aromas; so most dog owners are vigilant when there’s yummy people food on the premises. But what if you could really give your pets a special treat baked just for them this holiday? According to the New York Post, you’re in luck – at least if you’re a New Yorker. A recent article covered several bakeries where doggie treats are desserts du jour and where creative specialties delight four-footed foodies as much as the rest of us. Sprinkles, a bakery on Lexington Avenue, create canine cupcakes, which are similar regular cupcakes except for the sugar-free batter and yogurt frosting.

Another cupcake supplier identified by the Post is the H Bake Shop on West 57th, where Chef Huascar Aquino uses all organic ingredients to bake a special peanut butter dog cupcake.

“Back home in the Dominican Republic, dogs have their own lives, [but] here, people take care of pets like they’re family,” remarked Aquino.

Each week Milk & Cookies on Crescent Street turns out about 50 dog bones made of a healthful combination of whole-wheat flour, pumpkin puree and peanut butter. Luckily, the shop, which also offers baked goods for humans, has an on-site tester.

“My little Yorkshire terrier Tasha loves them,” commented shop owner Tina Casaceli.

Just one caveat: These tempting treats do not come cheap and are often priced about the same as those for human consumption. Where there’s a will to spoil your dog, however, there’s a way. You can select from commercial dog treats, some that improve dog dental health by reducing tartar or refreshing breath, or you can make your own. And who better to consult on baking than Martha Stewart? On Martha.com, she shared a recipe for homemade dog bones, made from flour, salt, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, canola oil and chicken stock – all items found in most kitchens. Bake a total of 20 minutes, and when they’re completely cool, you can personalize, decorate and gift wrap. Dogster.com created a Chinese food menu-style guide to making your own dog treats, again choosing from items you probably already have on hand. Their peanut butter dog treats, for example, are a quick mix of oats, whole-wheat flour, vegetable oil, warm water and natural peanut butter. So whether you go gourmet or homemade, you can easily give your dog his just desserts.

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