Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012

How to Include Pets in Your Wedding Pawty

Bride With Dog Wedding

If you’re reading this post, chances are that the role animals play in your life is much more than just a “pet.” They are an integral part of our families and our lives. So is it that surprising that more and more couples are deciding to include their pets in one of the biggest days of their lives? A growing trend among pet owners is finding a way to personalize the wedding with the involvement of their beloved pets. We have compiled some tips for those considering including their paw pal on the big day.

Choose your location and vendors carefully.
Keep in mind not every location allows pets outside of service animals to be on the premises. Be upfront with anyone you plan on working with (including guests) that there will be pets at the wedding, especially if the animal joining is a large breed. Sadly, not everyone is a huge animal lover, so whether it’s due to allergies or personal reasons its best to be proactive on the matter.

Make sure the role you have chosen for your pet is aligned with his/her temperament.
What exactly is your pet capable of? Keep in mind the size of the ceremony. If your pet is easily excited or timid it may be best to keep them as a spectator rather than part of the wedding party. Aggressive pets will probably be better off staying at home.

Getting creative on how to include your pet can be challenging. Most popular roles for dogs include being a flower dog, paw bearer, or bridesdog or best dog. Depending on your dog, they may be able to carry a basket of flowers in their mouth. If not, attaching one to their collar can be just as effective! Paw bearers can use the same concept for introducing rings. Want to have your pet as a Bridesmaid or Best Man? There are now many designer stores out there that sell dresses and tuxes for all sizes of pets. If your pet doesn’t like clothes, you can always go with a floral collar.

Get your pet comfortable before the big day.
It’s important that you bring your pet to the place of the event beforehand. A dry run of your pet’s duties for the day will help calm their nerves and get him/her comfortable with the space. If you don’t normally put clothes on your pet and you want to dress them up for the day it’s a good idea to get them used to those as well. The more familiar your pet is with the details of the event the better behaved she/he will be.

Take precautions to avoid accidents.
Pets can always be unpredictable in their behavior. To help avoid embarrassing accidents give your pet lots of opportunities to take care of business beforehand.

It’s important to make it fun for your pet.
To help them get through the entire day, consider handing out treats to guests so they can reward your pet for good behavior.

Including pets in your wedding plans can help make the day even more memorable. Everyone wants their closest family and friends involved, so leaving out our pets can make the experience feel incomplete. It’s a day for lifelong memories to be created, so what better way to celebrate than with our best paw pals at our side?

Have you ever attended a wedding with a pet? Share your experiences in the comments below!