Posted on Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Kitten Rescued From Engine of Running Mercedes

Mercedes Kitten Rescue_Credit Antonio M Rosario via HuffPost

One kitten from Brooklyn, New York, is a very lucky feline thanks to the quick work of Antonio M. Rosario, a professional photographer.

Photo credit: Antonio M. Rosario via Huffington Post

According to the Huffington Post, Rosario was driving with his wife when he came up alongside a Mercedes S550 that was missing its left front turn signal light. To Rosario’s astonishment, he noticed a small kitten’s head sticking out of the side of the vehicle and he quickly sprang into action to get the other driver’s attention. After the driver stopped, Rosario realized that he didn’t know how to open the car’s hood. “I can see the kitten sitting inside the housing where the turn signal lamp should be,” Rosario told the news source. “She’s staring at me and I reach in to grab her and she disappears further into the engine.”

By this time, a small crowd of people had gathered as they tried in earnest to get the feline out of the car. Unfortunately, both the driver of the car and the group of people did not know how to open the hood, so there was a distinct possibility that the heat of the engine could be a serious danger. Eventually, the group was able to get the hood open and then started the next task of luring the cat out of the engine block.

According to Today.com, Rosario took a piece of his wife’s breakfast scone and the kitten eventually poked her head out and dropped out of the tiny hole in the side of the engine. Rosario and his wife drove the cat straight to the vet, where she was found to be in good health, albeit with a minor case of worms.

After such an incredible experience, Rosario knew that he had to adopt the courageous cat, and he decided to name her “Mercedes” or “Mercy” for short. She is slowly but surely getting adjusted to the Rosario household, and her new six-year-old feline housemates, Hank and Eddie. Since her rescue, Mercy has become a bit of an internet sensation, as Rosario has been tracking her progress on his blog as people from around the world check in on the little cat. Thanks to quick thinking on the part of Rosario and his good heart, Mercy has a new lease on life and a wonderful new home to call her own.