Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Kitten travels 6,500 miles from Shanghai – without anyone knowing

Shanghai Kitten 1

Stowaways are a popular trope of nautical tales and adventure fiction. Sometimes they’re swashbuckling pirates, other times they’re children yearning for excitement and foreign travel. Rarely are they as cute as a 3-month-old kitten. But an adorable, starving and malnourished kitten is exactly what a Compton-area dock and cargo crew found inside of a container shipped from Shanghai to California. The orange and white feline – nicknamed Ni Hao by the workers, which means “hello” in Mandarin – was quickly rushed from the business where the storage container was delivered to a Carson County animal care center.

Dehydrated and starved, Ni Hao was given a full checkup and plenty of nourishment by county vets. “She’s doing OK – she was pretty weak and dehydrated,” Marcia Mayeda, the Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control, told the Los Angeles Times. “It was touch and go at first, but staff has been taking good care of her.” According to Life With Cats, Ni Hao was unable to use her hind legs when she was found. Thankfully, in the care of professionals, she has started to regain the use of her hind legs and has begun the process of walking. But the real question remains – how could such a small kitten survive a 6,500 mile trip, one that often stretches on for nearly a month, without food or water?

Most animals – like humans – can only survive a week or two without food, and far shorter without water. “The theory is that cats have such good kidneys, their bodies adjust to the lack of water and somehow they received small amounts of moisture from condensation,” veterinarian Dr. Michelle Misavage told the Associated Press. Whatever Ni Hao’s story, it’s shaping up to have a happy ending. While she’s going to have to spend some time in quarantine (as is law with all animals arriving from out of country), one of the workers at the business where the kitten was first discovered in the shipping crate is prepared to adopt her.

Not everyone is given the opportunity to save an animal with such a mysterious or nationally-reported background – but rest assured any pet you adopt will be a lifelong friend. You and your new dog or cat will be beginning your own adventures together. It’s not an opportunity to miss. The best time for pet adoption is right now.


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