Posted on Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Los Angeles considering change to cat adoption limits

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Thousands of Americans visit animal shelters each year in the hopes of providing a pet with a safe home. However, in certain cities around the U.S., there are limits as to how many pets can reside in any given house. Los Angeles is one of these cities, but a recent proposal might change that. A local politician is looking to increase the amount of cats residents can own, and many animal rights activists are showing their support for the potential law.

Rewriting the code

The Los Angeles Times reports that Councilman Paul Koretz is proposing a change to the current code that prohibits residents from owning more than three cats at any given time. Koretz wishes to raise the limit to five cats, arguing that this measure would allow trusted pet owners to take in more cats in need of adoption. This would benefit shelters that are often unable to provide for the large amounts of pets within their walls. Euthanasia is an unfortunate consequence of having more pets than is manageable, and shelters are anxious to see the number of cats put down each year decline.

Reactions are mixed, but mostly positive

Though many are in favor of permitting responsible and willing pet owners to own more cats, some activists advise an additional caveat to the proposed change. They emphasize the duty to ensure all adopted cats are spayed or neutered and fitted with a microchip. A large portion of shelters throughout the U.S. takes these measures, but laws enforcing them vary from state to state in strictness. L.A. pet owners looking to take in more cats will have to wait a while before heading over to their nearest shelter, though. The bill to raise the cat-owning limit will first be heard by the Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee, and if approved, will move on to the Los Angeles City Council. It was first introduced earlier in November 2013.

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