Posted on Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Lucky Cat Rescued from Dump Truck in Post-Hurricane Sandy Cleanup


Hurricane Sandy has already cost more than $1 billion in damages across the eastern seaboard, with families along the coast being displaced from their homes due to massive storm surges and high winds. In the aftermath of the storm, there has been a massive outpouring of support and volunteers who have gone to these stricken areas to help in any way possible. According to NBCPhiladelphia.com, Henry Bragg, a public works employee in Seaside Park, New Jersey, recently had a major surprise as they were dropping off debris from a local worksite. As a truck was dumping a load, Bragg spotted a cat jump out of the pile. After realizing that the cat could be crushed by the pile of material, Bragg sprang into action and stopped the driver, scooped up the cat and kept him warm inside of his truck.

The cat, whom Bragg named Patches, was in surprisingly good shape and even decided to take a quick nap as Bragg waited for the New Jersey ASPCA workers to arrive. According to Philly.com, Bragg believes that Patches may have been inside a home in the area that was demolished after the storm. Amazingly, the cat was able to survive the demolition process and the trip to the dump before being able to wriggle free. After being given a meal and plenty of belly rubs, Patches was taken to a temporary animal shelter at a local high school where animal health workers who can handle his feline health concerns have been trying to find many of these displaced animals’ former owners.

While Patches’ story is one of the bright spots during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there is still much to be done to help out pet parents and their animals that have been displaced by the storm. CatChannel.com reports that there are many things that animal lovers can do to help out those in storm-stricken areas. Making a donation to an animal welfare organization in the region, pooling together pet food, blankets, bedding, litter and other products will immensely help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Last but not least, if you live in one of these parts of the country, now is the perfect time to adopt a dog or cat to ease some of the burden on local animal shelters and give a permanent home to a pet in need. This content is provided by the pet wellness experts at Hartz. We know that adopting a dog or cat is a huge commitment, so we’re here to help you feel confident and become the best pet parent you can be.