Posted on Monday, July 30th, 2012

Miracle Kitty Survives 118-mile Journey on the Underside of a Train

Miracle Kitty Survives Train Ride

Cats always seem to get themselves into some sticky situations, whether it’s stuck up a tree or stuck in some kind of household container, but rarely do they get into life-threatening trouble. According to The Sun, rail workers were astonished to find a small black cat crawl out from the underside of the train. The only problem was that the train had just completed a non-stop trip from Southampton in southern England all the way to Cardiff in Wales.

The astonishing journey spanned 118 miles and somehow the little feline was able to hang on during that time. Oddly enough, the cat was unfazed by his journey and began to befriend his rail worker pals almost immediately. He is now being cared for by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and the animal welfare workers are amazed by the cat’s calm and collected nature. “The cat has surely used up almost all of his lives by now and it is quite unbelievable what he has gone through,” RSPCA inspector Simon Evans, told the news source. “He was very very nervous at first and hiding under the train manager’s sofa when we came to collect him. But he didn’t shuffle away or hiss when we picked him up and he was really grateful to be stroked.”

The shelter workers decided to give the lucky feline the name that spoke to his storied past, and opted for “Thomas,” named after the fictional train character of the same name, reports DNAIndia.com. While the feline certainly beat the odds on his rail journey, Thomas was in good health, well-fed, and receptive to human contact. The shelter workers believe that Thomas is a stray and has a home somewhere, so they are working feverishly to try and find them. Thankfully, Thomas is one of the most famous felines in the United Kingdom, so there’s a very good chance that someone will spot him in the news.

Today, Thomas is being cared for at a cat-exclusive animal shelter and has received a full check-up and updated vaccinations. If his original owners aren’t found, then Thomas will go up for adoption and will be looking for a true forever home. Considering how big of a sensation Thomas has become in England, he shouldn’t have a problem finding a new pet parent to call his own.

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