Posted on Friday, July 29th, 2011

Miss Louisa Belle: The Wine Sniffing Dog

miss belle

As pet people, we love to hear about dogs that have special talents. We recently found out about one special pup from the Herald Sun in Australia that is a certified wine sniffer!

Miss Louisa Belle is a seven-year-old red bloodhound that has a penchant for delectable red wines, and, as a result, she has been trained to detect tainted corks that can affect wine.

Her proud owners, Michelle Edwards and Daniel Fischl, say that when she is presented with a selection of corks she can sniff out the bad from the good. Daniel says, “She just has to sniff a barrel of wine to know whether it is off.” Coming from a long line of search-and-rescue dogs, Miss Belle has a keen sense of smell, but opted to abandon the family profession for sniffing wine. We’re sure her lineage of superior olfactory sense sure comes in handy!

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