Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2011

National Pet Week: Hartz Teams Up with Bloggers for Shelter Give Backs

trend report

The first week of May we were very excited to celebrate National Pet Week! Through the first ever Hartz Pet Trend report we were excited to find that current pet parents are 60% more likely to adopt from a shelter before adopting a dog from a breeder or pet store.

Sadly, even though pet parents express a desire to adopt from shelters, many animals are still in need of their forever home. We want to bring awareness to the need to adopt shelter animals, and to encourage new pet parents to do just that.

As a result, during National Pet Week we worked leading pet bloggers and their readers to nominate local shelters to receive a donation of some of our favorite products. We are proud to say we have received over 2.8 million hits on blogs, new sites, and general information sites with responses from pet parents excited to help out their favorite shelters. 45 shelters throughout the United States will benefit from the giveaways, and our outreach won’t end there.
Starting May 31, you will be able to donate a Hartz Pet Pack to a friend who has recently adopted a pet, and we will match that with a donation to a pet shelter in need.

We hope that you’ll visit our Facebook page starting May 31 to support this great cause. Even though pet parents prefer adoption from shelters, many animals in these shelters still need our help to get adopted.

For more information about our Pet Trend report click here.