Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2012

Paraplegic Dog Needs Help For a Second Chance


Surrendered to the shelter as a stray on February 26th, 4 year old Robert had a ruptured disc, could not walk on his own and was in constant pain. With lacerations on his head and legs, it was presumed that he was hit by a car. In the shelter Robert waited four days, with no treatment. On February 29th, he was scheduled for euthanasia, and Pets Alive, an internationally recognized no kill organization, rescued him. Now he is recovering from the surgery that might help him walk again.

Robert made it out of the NYC Animal Care and Control facility, and on Thursday, his first round of surgery, but he is not out of the woods yet. The surgery found a ruptured disc, soft tissue damage and with recovery and evaluation over the next few days, a treatment protocol will be established.

Before surgery, Robert could only walk using his front legs, and with his toes curled under, dragged his hind legs behind him. With the surgery to take away his pain, and possibly help him regain the ability to walk, Doctors are optimistic, and state that at the least, he is a great candidate for a dog wheelchair.

Robert is extremely intuitive and bright, yet shy. His injury and handicap have not broken his spirit, and he wags his tail at the slightest affection from anyone.

Pets Alive, made the commitment to give Robert the fighting chance that he was not given before. Pets Alive routinely rescues last chance animals, and finds them forever homes in record time. Pets Alive knows that all animals are adoptable, and believes in an animal’s birthright – the right to live. The surgeries and aftercare are estimated to be in excess of $10,000.00, a difficult number for the organization that is supported entirely by individual donations. Donations for Robert will go directly towards his care, with any leftover funds going toward the critical care medical fund at the sanctuary.

Robert is currently recovering from surgery, and is getting relief for his pain. A Pets Alive team member will remain by his side continuously during treatment, and once complete, he will begin rehabilitation therapy.

How To Help:
Donations are urgently needed to help with the expense of Roberts diagnostics, surgeries and rehabilitation. Donations can be made securely online at www.PetsAlive.org. Robert will need a foster or permanent home of his very own after his procedures. You can learn more about providing foster care or adopting Robert at www.PetsAlive.org.