homewardIt’s National Pet Identification Week! It’s the perfect time to assure you have taken all precautionary measures in order to reunite with your pet if she or she does become lost.  The National Council on Pet Population claims that a family pet is lost every 2 seconds and more than 10 million pets become lost each year! In addition only 30 percent of dogs and between two and five percent of cats are ever reclaimed by their owners in shelters, most likely due to missing identification. If you don’t want your pet to become part of these statistics, here are a few ways that you can improve your chances of finding your pet if your companion happens to be lost.

Registration- Whether you live in a big city or out in a rural area, getting your dog or cat licensed with the proper authorities will increase your chances of finding your pet. While the laws vary from state to state, and even in specific cities, registering your pet with a license can improve the chances that he or she will be returned to you if found by a resident or animal control.



Microchip - In addition to ID tags, microchips have also become valuable secondary and permanent form of identification for dogs. These small microchips are painlessly implanted underneath a dog’s skin. They contain no battery and will only work when an animal healthcare professional scans the chip. PetFinder.com reports that the return-to-owner rate for micro chipped dogs was over 52 percent, while cats reported an impressive 38 percent.

A personalized ID tag is the fastest way for someone to identify your pet when he or she is eventually found. Unfortunately The ASPCA recently found out that only around 33% of pet owners admit to always having proper ID tags on their dogs and cats. Whether you’re a long-time dog owner or a new pet parent, the importance of ID tags cannot be understated. Of all pet products to invest in for your pets, this one could easily be one of the most important as its one of the few ways that your pet can be returned to you if he or she becomes lost.  Here at Hartz pet health and safety is our number one focus, which is why we developed a free stainless steel pet tag program as a fast, inexpensive and easy way to protect your pet.  Just pay $3.25 to cover the shipping and handling! Visit our Hartz Free Pet ID Tag offer website to get tags for your pet created.

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