Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2011

Pet of the Week: Bailey the Rescue Cat

Hartz Pet of the Week

“Bailey’s Story…a colleague at Hartz adopted two kittens (sisters) from the local shelter near our office.  While returning to the Hartz office I asked to see what little guys were in the pet carrier she had over her shoulder.  She opened the carrier and I saw two adorable kittens about 10 weeks old.  Both kittens had beautifully colored fur in gray, orange and beige, one with long soft fur and one with short spiky fur.  My colleague was concerned because she already had several pets at home and feared bringing both kittens home could be very destructive to her marriage but she just couldn’t leave one sister in the shelter.


I had been longing for a kitten since moving into my new house with my husband (who by the way is allergic to cats).  Bailey spent her first week in the Hartz office enjoying lots of love and attention from many Hartz employees.  This lead to Bailey’s obsession with playing with pens, paper clips and any other office supplies you can think of.  I agreed to take this little kitten home for the weekend to see if my husband was truly allergic to this special little feline.  I brought her home and within minutes my husband knew there was no going back, this kitten was going to be part of our family.   Oh, and yes, it turns out my husband is allergic to cats but that doesn’t stop him from giving her what he likes to call “kitty tackles” where he grabs her and nuzzles his face into her fur.  Then he promptly takes more allergy medication.


Now Bailey has a baby sister named Emma.  Bailey is very protective of her little sister and watches over her carefully all day.  Bailey also gets very upset when Emma cries and stands by her nursery door until she stops.  The nice part is that Emma has already learned to share, since Bailey has become infatuated with Emma’s pacifiers to the point where I’ve caught her with one hanging out of her mouth!  Bailey is a great big sister!!”

-Kim, Hartz employee


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