Posted on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Pet of the Week: Boomer the Behemoth Bullmastiff

Hartz pet of the week

As a pup of 6 months and 40 lbs, my wife and kids began taking Boomer to the local Petsmart for a weekly obedience class. Although he tolerated the class, his favorite part of the outing was walking around the store and meeting people and other dogs. When it was time to go home, Boomer didn’t want to leave but my wife was able to carry him out. As weeks went on, Boomer gained weight and it became difficult to carry him from the store. The game plan became that I would meet my family after class and, more or less, drag him out. One particular day, Boomer had been playing with another large dog (much to the amusement of other customers) and refused to leave. It took several moments to drag him across the store’s floor but once outside on concrete I had the upper hand. With traffic stopped for us to cross into the parking lot, I gave the leash one final tug and was quite proud of the fact that Boomer was putting up such little resistance and walking along. It was only after cars started honking their horns that I realized Boomer had slipped through his collar and was heading back into Petsmart. With the help of others, we were able to catch him, and with a tightened collar, get him into the truck.

-Keith, Hartz employee

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