Posted on Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Pet of the Week: Danny and Shylar

Hartz | Pet of the week

We found Shylar and her brother on our two acres when they were approximately 12 weeks old. They were covered in fleas & ticks and near starvation, eating rotting branches and who knows what to have something in their bellies. As it turned out, other than having a bad case of worms and near starving, they were fairly healthy. A friend took the male and our oldest daughter took Shyler, until a new roommate (who was allergic to pet dander) moved in when Shyler was 2-years old and our daughter brought Shyler back to live with us. Now about 7 years old, she also loves our boat, but is too ADHD to allow me to do any serious fishing. She is all over the boat, wearing a path in the carpet….and she gets WAY too excited when a fish is being landed.

Shyler LOVES Hartz plush dog toys which we call her “babies”….eventually she gets the squeaker and stuffing out….but that does not stop her from carrying them everywhere she goes!