Posted on Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Pet of the Week: Ellie – She’s not ugly, she’s pugly!

Hartz Pet of the Week

This week’s pet, Ellie, belongs to our very own Lindzee. Read below for what she has to say about her lovely pug!

“Have you ever seen a dog with a face only a mother could love? Meet Ellie the 4-year old pug. According to most of my friends, that’s exactly what she is! Luckily for Ellie, she has a human mother that absolutely adores her pugly mug!

I adopted Ellie on a whim during finals week of my freshman year of college. I’ve always been prone to impulse shopping, but Ellie is my number one best purchase ever! She’s an expert snuggler, has some seriously entertaining expressions and is a little bit too good at being my personal garbage disposal (the vet put her on a diet during her last visit.. Oops!)

Now that Ellie has her girlish figure back, she spends most of her free time following around her favorite people, searching for the sunniest spot in the house and taunting her fur sibling, Sophie the German Shepherd. Sophie may be four times Ellie’s size, but Ellie is still the lady of the house!

Ellie is incredibly honored to be featured as this week’s Hartz Pet of the Week. I’m also very proud of her – maybe I’ll sneak her an extra treat (or two).”