Posted on Friday, September 30th, 2011

Pet of the Week: Finley the Havanese

Hartz pet of the week

There is a new pup on the block! Finley is a scrumptious 6 month old Havanese that is full of life! Some of his favorite pastimes include (He has too many to name) the following: playing with toys, chewing on a treat, and walking with his mama.

Fin is always up for an adventure. In fact, the minute a new friend or toy comes into view, he drops whatever he is doing to get in on the action! His best friend Simba, a German Shepard/Leonberger mix, is quite a bit larger than Fin, but this odd couple can play for hours together! Check them out in action below.

Fin makes everyone who meets him remember what fun having a pup around can be. With his fluffy white hair that undulates as he runs, Fin is a dog that deserves his pet of the week title!