Posted on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Pet of the Week: Hangar!

Hangar is one of our favorite pups here at Hartz! Take a look at this video and see how she is an important factor in our R&D process.

Hangar LOVES squirrels.  When Amy takes her for walks, if Hangar sees a squirrel she drops down into stalking mode and inevitably chases the squirrel up a tree.  Hangar is POSITIVE she can climb the tree and hugs it with her legs, standing straight up in an effort to reach the squirrel.  She has never actually caught one, but she tries EVERY TIME Amy walks her.

Amy sometimes has unsuspecting friends walk Hangar- Amy and her husband love to watch and giggle when they see the first squirrel cross their friend’s path causing Hangar to spring into action.