Posted on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Pet of the Week: Lara Bird

Hartz pet of the week

Have you entered our Animal Stars contest yet? If not, we wanted to share some inspiration  by telling you about one of our very own Animal Stars: Lara Bird.

Lara Bird is a 24 year old female Yellow Naped Amazon parrot whose pet parent, Jim, works at Hartz. She was originally named Larry Bird, until a blood test revealed her sex, and it was later verified again in her teen years when she started laying eggs! Luckily this has since ceased because it puts a heavy strain on her body.

She is very vocal at times especially if she knows Jim is home.  Her most interesting vocal sound is when she mimics Jim’s laugh.  She will join in with Jim and his friends, and at times she has an uncanny instinct to start up by herself based on situations or something she notices on TV.

Lara Bird is definitely in the rankings of being one of the funniest Animal Stars! Do you have a special bird or small animal that is a “star”? If so, visit our Facebook page to upload a video or your pet in action for a chance to win a  $200 grand prize or two $100 runner up prizes. All videos clips must be posted on the Hartz Facebook wall before November 3rd, 2011 to quality. Good luck!


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