Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Pet of the Week: Lisa and Gatsby

Hartz Pet of the Week - Lisa and Gatsby

“It happened at Hartz in July 2007
This scrawny black kitten arrived– not from heaven.
Instead from the streets of Secaucus she came
With only a brother, no home and no name.
I’d hoped to adopt a kitten or cat,
But not this kitten who looked like a rat.
I had picked out a name I liked for a boy
And eyed the cute brother with hope and with joy.
But to my dismay he quickly was taken
And all that was left was his sister–forsaken.
The sadness I felt when she was left high and dry
Caused me to look with a more positive eye.
It’s my cat, I reasoned. Her name’s up to me.
So I took her for mine and I named her Gatsby.
She settled in quickly, learned to love Crunch n’ Clean,
Loves to battle Hartz Mini Mice and prance like a queen.
She’s filled out quite nicely, not skinny, not fat.
In fact, she’s become a quite wonderful cat.
While I’m certain I’ve spoiled her– that is a fact,
We’ve provided each other with love we both lacked.
And people say I’m a princess too,
Sometimes I almost believe this is true.
They also say people resemble their pets.
And for Gatsby and me, that’s as good as it gets”