Posted on Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Pet of the Week: Tai the Rescue Dog


“My daughter read The Secret on the flight to Puerto Rico.  We arrived at 5:30 am and she was filled with positive energy!  “Watch,” she said, “Our bags will be the first ones off”.  They were.  The next morning at breakfast someone came over to sell us a lottery ticket and again she said, “We’re gonna win!”

I often give some clothes and household items to a very poor family that lives near the beach.  Tai walked over to us on 8/10/11. She was a 4-6 week old dog that strayed into their yard.  I picked her up and you could see the fleas walking all over her, and clusters of ticks were in her ears.  My heart just ached for her, and my daughter shot me the Mama, please help, “look”.   We were less then 12 hours away from our flight.

I started making calls and found a vet an hour away.  The vet and her staff worked feverishly checking her out and de-ticking her.  My daughter asked for a towel to wrap her in, and they gave her a worn beach towel with a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it.  I told her, “That’s your lottery winning.”  Then we stopped at Walmart for a carrying case, which was too big for under the seat, so I had to buy another one at the airport.  We still needed to get home, pack, pick up my Mom and turn in the rental car.  We took a wrong turn and ended up at the top of a dead end, pitch-black hill with an eerie fog from all the rain.  My daughter made a K turn and the back wheel went into a huge pothole.  I thought we were going over a cliff! Screaming, I flung the door open and almost tossed Tai out.  I figured I’d at least save the dog.  We were so stressed from the challenge of getting Tai home, that when the airline rep offered a first class upgrade I did not hesitate!  Once settled, there was an awful smell!  I had to bathe the dog in the tiny airplane sink and stuff that big beach towel down a 5” opening!

Tai went from probably not making it in life to flying home in first class!  Tai is short for Taina – after the Indians in Puerto Rico.  My mission was to save her, not to keep her.  I thought I made that clear to everyone but me.  She’s super smart, loaded with personality and it looks like she’s my Tai.”

– Jeanette,  Hartz Creative Services

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