Posted on Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Pet Stories: A Cat’s Bed and Breakfast

Pet Bed and Breakfast

“Our home has become a favorite Bed and Breakfast for a large number of feral cats in our rural area. Currently, we have three cats ranging in age from 1 – 17 years old which we have adopted. At times we have had up to 11 little friends before taming them and finding them homes. The last cat which we adopted met my husband in the yard, and when my hubby came back into the house the cat literally attempted to enter our home through the large closed living room window. Hurt and crying, my husband picked him up and brought him into our home, and here he remains. The funniest thing about this cat is that when he is outside playing; he will scratch and whine at the door until we let him in. Upon opening the door, he will make a mad dash for the litter box, does what he has to do, and will immediately go back to the door and commence scratching and whining to be let back out. He has been with us almost 8 months now and he will do this several times a day. He brings a smile to my face every single time.”

– Barbara Stuart-Edwards, Hartz Fan of the Week