Posted on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Pet Stories: Dog Calls 911

911 dog

“I was having a relaxing night alone to pamper myself. I was going to eat in bed and watch TV. I put the food on my night stand while I put a mud mask on my face. I left the room for about a minute and when I came back Nikki my Maltese, was balancing on the nightstand and phone, and eating my dinner. She had knocked the phone off the hook. I started yelling that I was going to kill her. I heard someone on the phone saying “hello” so I hung it up. A few minutes later, two police cars pulled up. My dog had dialed 911 and the police had to investigate the “death” threat. I was so embarrassed because I still had the mud mask on my face. The two officers were laughing so hard that I cried. They put it in the local paper “Dog Dials 911.”

– Peggy Saviola