Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Pet Week Giveaway


Since our Pet Week initiative in early May we have had the great pleasure of donating Hartz® supplies to many shelters across the country! However, the need to help shelters still exists. That is why we are now excited to include you, our favorite fans, to participate in our National Pet Week campaign.

As part of the campaign we not only want to celebrate new pet parents, but also the shelters that support new pet adoption as well. Visit our Facebook page and be one of the first 1,000 people to celebrate a friend that has become a new pet parent by sending them a Hartz New Pet Pack.  This gift is filled with necessary goodies and coupons to help them start a lasting relationship with their new pet. At the same time, we will also donate an equivalent package to a shelter in need of your choosing from the list provided on our Facebook page.

The majority of Americans now say they will adopt from a shelter when they consider getting a new pet. But many shelters across the country are still in need of help. By gifting a friend a new Pet Pack you can make a difference and help make an animal’s life better.

We hope to see you on our Facebook page where you can participate in our National Pet Week campaign!