Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Pets in the News: After a Tornado, a Dog is Reunited with its Owners


In the past few weeks the South has witnessed devastating natural disaster from tornadoes to floods. People have lost their homes and struggling to start over. In these situations it is hard to remember that animals, just like humans, suffer. Many are abandoned, as pet parents do not have the means to take care of their animals, and in the chaos of the disaster many become lost.

However, from stories of devastation comes hope. On April 27, Mason, the lovable dog, was hiding in his garage when a tornado picked him up and took him away from home. For two weeks Mason’s family searched and had given up hope in ever finding him again. Then on May 18, the family returned to their home to their house to sift through the debris and who is on the porch waiting for them? Mason.

During the storm two of Mason’s legs were broken so badly that he had to crawl everywhere. Considering his injures, it is a miracle he was able to survive as long as he did. Currently Mason is being taken care of at the Birmingham Jefferson County Animal Control where he is expected to make a full recovery.

It’s dogs like Mason that make us proud and happy to be in the pet industry. His story of survival proves that the bond between animal and parent is worth living for. Our paws go up to you, Mason, we are wishing you a speedy recovery.