Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2011

Pets in the News: The Escapee Peacock


New York City got a little fancy last week when one of Central Park’s peacocks decided to take an adventure.

Growing tired of his confines in the park, the bird decided to fly the coop for the day and hang out on ritzy 5th Avenue. Perched on the window sill of a condominium building, the peacock was an unusual attraction for both locals and tourists.

However, the zoo didn’t seem to care too much as the zoo’s director simply stated “Home is a short flight across the avenue, and we think our peacock will make his way across soon.”

And sure enough the peacock did. The following day, he flew off the perch and back to his home at the zoo!

For more information about Central Park’s recent escapee, check out the full article here.