Posted on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Pets in the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI was yet another big year for animal ads: In addition to the Volkswagen commercial featured below, there was a speedy Skechers-wearing French bulldog, office chimpanzees pitching for careerbuilder.com, and a dog with a special talent for serving Bud Lite at parties. We’ve created a roundup of some of our favorite commercials from Super Bowls past and present below! (If you haven’t already seen the other ads from this year, we’ve included the links for our favorites above!)

Pug Attack (Doritos)

This ad was the first winner of Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, in which aspiring ad-makers uploaded their own commercials to the Doritos website for a shot to appear during the Super Bowl. The commercial starred a pug named Oko Nono who really does love Doritos!

The Dog Strikes Back (Volkswagen)

This commercial features another portly canine! Instead of breaking down the door for food, he resolves to get himself in shape so he can fit through his doggie door and chase the new VW bug.

Cat Herders (Electronic Data Systems)

In this ad, grizzled cowboys discuss the rough world of cat herding. They sit around a campfire, rolling up balls of yarn and proudly displaying the kitty scratches they got along the way. We laughed out loud when they broke out the lint roller!

Thirsty Dog (Gatorade)

We loved watching this black dog eagerly lapping up water from his bowl trying to satisfy his unsatiable thirst. He then pauses to look up and displayed in front of him are Gatorade bottles.

Thief (Pepsi)

This very amusing commercial begins with a man who has just finished assembling a tasty lunch, complete with a Pepsi. The doorbell rings, and during his absence his dog quickly devours his owner’s meal. We especially enjoyed when the dog places the cat on top of the plate, framing him for eating all of the food!

Tell us: which ad is your favorite?