Posted on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Pets of the Week: Gus, Pudge, Marshmallow, Kit, and Scuttle

Hartz pet of the week

My ferrets have been such a large part of my life. While working at Petco for three and a half years prior to working at Hartz, my family grew tremendously. I encountered so many animals that were abandoned or injured, and needed homes and medical care–I knew I couldn’t leave them. My husband was always nervous to hear me come home, and announce that I had rescued another animal. Before we knew it, we had TWELVE ferrets, among our MANY other animals. We had to move into a two bedroom apartment so that they had their own room. Today, we live in a three bedroom apartment–most rooms are filled with our pets!

All my ferrets have their own special and touching story, but Kit’s story needs to be told. I will always refer to Kit as my miracle ferret. She was named this by my ferret veterinarian. I rescued her while I was working at Petco. She was dropped off by her owner at Petco, whose excuse was that he no longer wanted the responsibility of taking care of her. He said she was about two years old and I could tell her nails had never been cut for most of those two years. She was on a horrible diet and was not in the best shape. Nobody could tell she was neglected because she was the sweetest little weasel that loved to kiss with her raspy, tiny tongue.

A few months after I rescued her, I noticed that she was losing weight and wasn’t her crazy, energetic self. I made anappointment to go see a vet the following morning. The vet did not specialize in exotic pets, and never mentioned this when I dropped her off. Later, she gave me a call and let me know that Kit was extremely anemic, and wouldn’t likely live much longer. When I went into the vet’s office to pick up Kit, the vet admitted that she did not know much about ferrets. She recommended that I euthanize her, and I proceeded to find a new vet.

Finally, I found a great vet that was also certified in exotic pets such as ferrets. After extensive testing and about athousand dollars later, Kit was diagnosed with Lymphoma and was given about 6 months to live. The vet was shockedthat she was still alive due to her extreme condition. The vet also informed me that her previous owner had lied because she was about 7 years old and not 2. The vet gave me some Prednisone to give to her to ease her pain for the little time she had left and we went home.

During the first few months, I had to mush up her food and syringe feed her three times a day, as well as give hermedicine and supplements. Although it was difficult, it was well worth the effort because she came around! Although she is still sick and will always have cancer, she is still going strong today. It has now been three and a half years. She is eating on her own, has more energy and is more playful than some of the younger ferrets. She truly is a miracle.