Posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Pets of the Week: Sally Hull, and her pack of pups

Pets of the Week

We are very excited to share the following story with our readers from one of our Facebook fans, Sally Hull, and her pack of pups.

Here is the story about my pack:

“Twelve tall, skinny legs pitter pat around the Hull house every day. These legs belong to three, small Italian Greyhound (IGs) rescues. Ozzie, 5-year-old male; Pepper, 8-year-old female; and Daisy, 10-year old female, have become like our children. My husband, Chris, and I adopted each from the Italian Greyhound Rescue group based in Lincoln, Neb.

Our first addition was Ozzie. We adopted Ozzie in April 2010 and he was an owner surrender. He is a laid-back sweetheart who LOVES going on walks (which makes the cold Nebraska winter hard to take) and burrowing under blankets. Ozzie is very bonded to my husband, Chris. If Chris is sitting down, Ozzie is usually on his lap getting scratches!

Pets of the WeekThose who have this breed often say IGs are like potato chips. You can’t have just one. In July 2010, we adopted Pepper, so Ozzie would have a kennel mate and friend. Pepper lived most of her life in a Missouri puppy mill. It is estimated she has birthed over 100 babies in her lifetime. She was freed from the mill by the Department of Agriculture in October 2009, and she made her way into the rescue shortly after. Pepper has come such a long way in a year and a half. At first, she was timid around people, and was not used to physical contact with humans. Now, she cuddles with me, lets strangers pet her, and is very affectionate. Most of Pepper’s teeth were infected from lack of proper care and poor diet for most of her life, so many teeth had to be pulled. She has just eight left. As a result of removing her decayed bottom canines, her tongue hangs out permanently, but I think it adds to her charm. Pepper is mostly black, which is very rare for IGs. Last summer, Pepper broke her leg going down our deck stairs. She had to have a plate inserted into her leg, but after two long months of recovery, Pepper is even better than she was before. I really believe she trusts humans more since her accident. After all, we were there to help her in her time of need. Pepper’s favorite activities are rolling around on the carpet on her back, chewing on rawhides, and snuggling with her best friend, Ozzie.

Pets of the WeekOur final addition is Daisy. She is a spunky ball of energy despite being about 10 years old. She LOVES people and will go up to anyone she can. Daisy definitely has a puppy personality. She loves to cuddle with us. Her favorite activities are playing with plush toys and eating treats. She was an owner surrender as well like Ozzie. Due to her old age and lack of dental care, all of her teeth had to be pulled. She has no teeth, but don’t tell her that. She eats dry food faster than Ozzie or Pepper.

These three little dogs mean everything to us. Even though owning three dogs is a lot of hard work and takes up resources, we would not trade it. I always say that these three rescued me. They give us joy, laughter, and love every day.

Thank you for considering my pack for the Pet of the Week!”

-Sally Hull, Hartz Facebook Fan