Posted on Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Pets with Guinness World Records

It’s officially the New Year! We know your pets are busy deciding on their last-minute resolutions, so we compiled this list of five record-breaking animals for inspiration. Whether they were born with extraordinary attributes or they developed remarkable skills, all of the animals on our list are exceptional in their own way!

Dog with the Longest Tongue

Puggy is a Pekingese with a 4.5 inch tongue!  He was abandoned by a breeder as a puppy because of his looks and taken in by his current owners. Nine years later, he holds the world record for current longest dog tongue! Watch the video for adorable ice cream cone licking action!

Loudest Purr

Smokey the gray tabby cat gained a place in the Guinness Book of Records with a purr that measured 67.7 decibels, but Smokey has been recorded on previous occasions with a 92.7-decibel purr, which is equivalent to the noise of a lawnmower!

Most tennis balls in mouth

Most tennis balls in mouth










Dogs love to chase balls, and Augie the Golden Retriever is no exception! He is, however, exceptional – he holds the record for holding the most tennis balls in his mouth… FIVE!


Tallest Dog











Giant George, a 43-inch-tall Great Dane, holds two world records: tallest living dog and tallest dog ever. Fun Fact: George sleeps on a queen-sized bed… Alone! He has also become quite the Internet celebrity – you can check out his website and YouTube channel to see the latest updates!


First Bionic Leg Implants

Bionic cat










Oscar the cat is the first animal to have received two bionic leg implants. Oscar lost his hind legs in an accident and his prosthetic legs were drilled into what remained of his original legs. The bionic legs aren’t suited for an outside environment, so Oscar is now an indoor cat, and he’s surely grateful for his remaining eight lives.

We hope you enjoyed this list of noteworthy pets and that they motivate your furry friends to do something extraordinary! What is your pet’s goal for 2012?