Posted on Friday, November 18th, 2011

Product Review: Hartz Bonanza Gerbil/Hamster Diet

Hartz Bonanza Hamster Diet

At Hartz, we strive to continually create products that help pet parents keep their pets healthy and happy. That’s why we recently sent out some free Bonanza small animal and bird diet samples to gather feedback from people like you, and learn more about what it takes to create a product that’s truly Vet Trusted, Pet Approved. Read the review below to see Hammy thought of the Hartz Bonanza Hamster & Gerbil Diet.


Q: What brand of pet food do you currently use and why?

A: “I usually buy the Hartz original recipe hamster and gerbil food for our furry little friend. I find that Hartz is always a good value; it is a brand that I know and have trusted for many years. It’s also available at my local grocery store and i just pick up a bag while I’m out shopping, and it’s about the same price as the store brand which is great!”


Q: What was your pet’s initial reaction to the Bonanza diet?

A: “As soon as I poured Bonanza into Hammy’s food dish he immediately ran over to start eating. I think that he didn’t only hear it when it hit the bowl, he could smell it. The smell is so strong and smells delicious…he LOVED it! Within a matter of minutes he had both of his little cheek pouches full running back to his nest!”


Q: Did it seem like your pet liked the taste of Bonanza?

A: “Yes, I think he really did like it. He has cleaned out his bowl and every time I fill it up and he just munches away all day long.”


Q: What is your opinion of the quality of the Bonanza diet?

A: “The quality looks amazing…you can see the nutrition as soon as you open the bag. The ingredients are healthy and natural. “


Q: Will you continue to use Hartz Bonanza after your sample runs out?

A: “YES YES YES…Hammy now has a new favorite!!”


Q: What is one thing you would change about the food/packaging?

A: “My one and only suggestion would be a bigger ‘peek hole’…so customers can see more of the food. I LOVE the picture of the veggies and the hamster on the front! “


Q: Do you have any additional thoughts?

A: “I must say that Hartz is a wonderful company and I will never use another brand to feed my hamsters. Way to go!!! 🙂 “


-Laci, Hartz Facebook Fan