Posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Social Media Springs into Action to Save Dog with Head Stuck in Plastic Jar

Photo: Beth Gresham/Facebook via Yahoo News
Photo: Beth Gresham/Facebook via Yahoo News

The internet can be used for some pretty amazing things nowadays, and social media is no exception. However, when it can play a role in saving a dog from a tough predicament, that’s something we can all appreciate.

According to the New York Daily News, a stray dog in Memphis, Tennessee, that got her head stuck inside of a plastic jug can thank a dozen or so strangers who sprang into action after someone posted the picture on Facebook. Seeing the dog’s plight, a few people in Memphis who saw the picture starting combing the streets to find the stricken canine and see what they could do to help.

Beth Graham, an animal lover from the area, initially tried to catch the dog on the side of the road and was unsuccessful. She took a picture of the dog and sent out the alert on the social media website with the message: “We have to get her,” Graham wrote on her Facebook post. “She doesn’t have a whole lot of time with that over her head.” Within hours, Graham had a handful of concerned citizens on the lookout for the dog. With a plastic container on her head, the dog couldn’t defend herself, let alone eat or drink, so the search really was a matter of life and death.

Chester Burns, a resident of the area, was the person who found the canine and managed to remove the plastic container from her head. The rescuers found the dog with just a small opening on the bottom of the jar where she could breathe, so she was very lucky that her rescuers got there in time. According to WTVR.com, the pooch was brought immediately to the nearby veterinarian’s office where he chowed down ravenously on any food they had, including rotisserie chicken, wet and dry dog food and cat food.

Photo: Whitney Wilder-McClain/Facebook via Yahoo

The canine was severely malnourished and needs plenty of love and care before finding a good home, but she should be back on her feet in no time. The dog’s rescuer’s settled on the name “Miracle” for the lucky pooch, and she is slowly but surely getting back into tip-top shape. The story shows just how amazing social media can be to bring together a few concerned citizens who were looking out for the welfare of a dog they’d never met.

Where else have you seen social media benefit animals in trouble?

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