Posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Stevie Nelson named “Kid of the Year” by the ASPCA.


Stevie’s generosity sparked national attention. The ASPCA has named Stevie the ASPCA’s 2011 Tommy P. Monahan “Kid of the Year”. Stevie joined six other extraordinary people and pets at the Humane Awards in New York City in November 2011.

Stevie knew that the national attention that he was receiving was an excellent opportunity to continue his mission to help more animals in need. Stevie decided to use his unique platform to advocate for even more animals in need. Stevie teamed up with the 2011 ASPCA Dog of the Year, Surf Dog Ricochet for a HOWLiday fundraiser! Stevie’s Kritter Toy Drive was a huge success!  Stevie was able to make product donations to at least one shelter or rescue in all 50 states.

With the help of his parents, Stevie established, Stevie’s Furry Friends, Inc. (501c 3 pending) so that he is able to continue his mission to help homeless animals in need feel loved. For Stevie’s 7th Birthday (March 2012), he asked his Facebook FURiends to make donations to their shelters & rescues in honor of him! Stevie loves holding Facebook Fundraisers to help receive product and monetary donations!

In addition to helping animals in need, it is also Stevie’s mission to help educate kids that they can make a difference in their community. Stevie has established a Furry Friends Club! to encourage more youth to become active for furry friends in need by volunteering, advocating or fundraising! Stevie hosted his 2nd Annual Kritter Toy Drive, which was again a HUGE success! To date, Stevie has raised over $80,000 in products and donations for homeless pets. Stevie’s Furry Friends, Inc. has made donations to 145+ shelters and rescues across the USA in the last 18 months. Stevie has inspired hundreds of youth to help animals in need. Stevie continues to pay it forward by sending product donations to shelters/rescues that other kids in his club support, furthering his mission to help more furry friends in need and inspire children to participate in helping homeless pets in their community. As 2013 begins, Stevie is making plans to establish a Pet Education Program in Northeast Nebraska, a quarterly program where children can learn about respect and responsibility of pets and how to make a difference for animals in need! In addition, Stevie hopes to be able to further his mission at a national level to help MORE furry friends in need & inspire even more children to help in their community… “Because all animals need love…”


Would you like to learn more about Stevie and his work? Visit www.stevienelson.weebly.com and also become a FURiend on Facebook!