• Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012

    Improving Your Indoor Cat’s Quality of Life

    Photo Credit: ontourwithben via flickr

    Now that it’s the middle of summer, your feline may be spending his or her fair share staring longingly outdoors. Because it isn’t the best idea to let your cat roam outside, your pet will be …read more »

  • Posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2012

    Understanding Your Cat Through Body Language

    cat body language

    Cats are often inscrutable. The poet T.S. Eliot – a devoted cat lover who published more than a few lines of verse about his various feline companions over the years – once remarked in a poem …read more »

  • Posted on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

    Tips For Finding the Right Hypoallergenic Cat

    Hypoallergenic Cat

    The idea of the hypoallergenic pet might be a slight exaggeration. Because even hairless cats produce the protein that causes allergic reactions, folks with cat allergies can still get itchy in the eyes and congested in …read more »

  • Posted on Thursday, June 21st, 2012

    Healthy Eating for Your Cat


    As a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your feline is receiving optimal nutrition. If yourfeline has become a bit tubby or doesn’t seem to have the same spunk that he used to, …read more »

  • Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2012

    How to Give Your Cat a Flea Bath


    The sighting of fleas and their eggs can be a harrowing experience for any feline owner, and it’s certainly a possibility this year. The winter’s balmy temperatures have led to a rise in flea and tick …read more »

  • Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012

    Keeping Your Cat Indoors During Summer

    happy indoor cat

    While it may be tempting to let your feline roam in the great outdoors and enjoy everything the warm weather has to offer, you may be putting your feline at great risk. Traditionally, most cat owners …read more »