• Posted on Sunday, September 13th, 2015

    Should your cat be kept indoors or outside?


    If you’ve recently adopted a cat, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make for your pet’s well-being is deciding whether or not your cat can go outdoors. While you may think that letting your …read more »

  • Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

    Healthy Fruits and Vegetables for your Dog

    Fruits Veggies Dogs Hartz

    If you’ve begun to notice that your dog has started to pack on the pounds around his or her midsection, you may be looking for ways to improve your pet’s wellness regimen. In addition to improving …read more »

  • Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2013

    Keeping your Dog Safe during Flu Season


    Pretty much every human on Earth knows the signs of flu season – that time of year when, suddenly, everyone is coming down with a bad case of influenza. But did you know that the flu …read more »

  • Posted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

    Caring for FIV-Positive Cats


    If you’ve been browsing through animal shelters in your area in search of a cat, you may have noticed separate rooms for cats that are infected with the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). While this is one …read more »

  • Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012

    Is Catnip a Good Choice for Your Companion?

    catnip on floor

    Whether you’ve recently adopted a cat or have owned one for many years, catnip is a strange part of the cat wellness world that not many pet parents quite understand. While it certainly can spark some …read more »

  • Posted on Friday, August 24th, 2012

    Is there such thing as a hypoallergenic dog?

    hypoallergenic dogs

    Allergy sufferers who also want to become dog owners have traditionally opted for breeds like Labradoodles, Bichon Frises, and Border Terriers. While these dogs certainly don’t shed as often as others, it seems that new research …read more »

  • Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012

    Improving Your Indoor Cat’s Quality of Life

    Photo Credit: ontourwithben via flickr

    Now that it’s the middle of summer, your feline may be spending his or her fair share staring longingly outdoors. Because it isn’t the best idea to let your cat roam outside, your pet will be …read more »